rooted spirit
online short course

Painting by Kat Shaw

In this mini-series you are invited to awaken and deepen your connection with Mother Earth, Her seasons, energies, healing and wisdom. Learn how to be One with Her, honour Her and celebrate Her and how our well-being is so interconnected and interdependent with Her well-being. She is key to our healing, sovereignty, full expression, vibration and our ability to truly love ourselves, our lives and in turn love others and our beautiful planet. Find out when the next course is here.

Our bodies, bones and blood are of Mother Earth. We are the physical container for our soul’s essence and divine expression. Of course, we are affected and inspired by Her rhythms, seasons, energies and sacred places of the world! When we reconnect to Her, flowing with Her seasons and energies, rooting our spirit, we can awaken to the full brightness and creativity of our soul. We can fulfil our soul’s purpose, whilst being firmly held here on Her body.

Rooted Spirit Session 1: Reconnecting with our Mother Earth

In this first session, we explore what it means to be a Rooted Spirit, how and the benefits of being one. We look at ways to reconnect with Mother Earth including participating in a grounding and centring guided meditation and share how being rooted makes us feel. We share our favourite places of Mother Earth and what those places give to us and what we then give through those experiences. You will be introduced to the Wheel of Mother Earth and the energies of each of Her 8 seasons. We delve deep into the present season and how we can allow these energies to affect us including our intuition, manifestation/creativity, purpose and emotional, physical and soul well-being.

Live recorded video emailed: Rooted Spirit Grounding and Centring guided meditation with the energy of the season

Photo by Miranda Hartwell

Rooted Spirit Session 2: The Healing Power of our Mother Earth

In this session we explore the healing power of Mother Earth and our power to heal Mother Earth. We delve into the different healing energies of Her seasons, elements particularly the current season/element. We also look at healing places and “hot spots” around the world, including Glastonbury and the other chakras of Mother Earth. We share some of our own healing places and experiences from around the world. We also awaken to the symbiotic healing relationship with our Mother Earth. We consider the possibilities of when we reconnect to Her, heal separation and are able to and experience ourselves as part of Her. We enjoy a “tour of the world” chakra clearing and rebalancing guided meditation and healing transmission from the 7 chakras of Earth.

Live recorded video emailed: Rooted Spirit Seasonal Healing with Mother Earth guided meditation

Rooted Spirit Session 3: Honouring and Celebrating our Mother Earth

In this final session we will explore some of the different ways to celebrate and honour Mother Earth with ritual and ceremony. We take a closer look at some indigenous rituals and ceremonies and what we can learn from their beliefs and relationship with Mother Earth. We discover how some rituals assist us in emphasising our interconnection and interdependence with our beautiful planet and all of life. We share our own experiences from around the world. You will be led through our own ceremony with the seasonal energies. Please bring a candle and something that represents water, earth and air for our ceremony.