New! PRIESTESS/PRIEST of mother earth

Become initiated in the ancient frequencies of the Wheel of Mother Earth

In sacred connection with our Mother’s healing energies and wisdom in each of Her 8 seasons

Your Sacred Calling

Mother Earth is calling to us deeply in our souls. She loves us and we are Her children; our bones, blood and flesh created of Her. Right now, She is inviting us to connect deeply with Her to feel the power of this ancient love, connection, holding, grounding, healing and presence, and to experience ourselves as Her creations and to see all Her creations as our earth family.

She wants to show us that we have all the healing from Her and our inner wisdom to make the necessary changes for all on planet earth. Through Her seasons She gives us all that we need to transform and embody our limitless, full and sacred soul and light for the benefit of all on our beautiful planet including Her.

She calls to those who are awakening to their ancient earth-soul wisdom and sacred connection with Her.

Dear sister or brother do you answer Her call?

The Priestess/Priest of Mother Earth Training

This two-year on-line spiral is a reawakening to this ancient earth-soul wisdom of all the times you’ve been here before and ancestral experience of connecting with Mother Earth.

Spiral 1

The first year is about the internal journey reconnecting and initiating to Her wisdom and healing frequencies of each of her 8 seasons. Training to stay grounded and transform blocks in sacred co-creation and connection with Her so you can stand in your power, purpose and full bright light to be ready to be a beacon and channel for others.

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Spiral 2

The second year builds on the first, still deepening your sacred connection and soul’s growth and sharing your light with others for the highest good of all including Her. You will learn how to channel the frequencies of Mother Earth creating the opportunities for others to heal and reconnect with Mother Earth and their own earth-soul wisdom.

Who is the Priestess/Priest of Mother Earth

A sacred and grounded channel for Her frequencies of love, presence, holding and healing for all of her creations on planet earth

A sacred and powerful communicator, initiator and connector for anchoring Mother Earth’s frequencies including healing energies and wisdom from Her and earth guides, both human and animal

Who this training is for

This training is for you if:

  • You are already connected to Mother Earth and love nature and are ready to explore a deeper connection
  • You are willing to experience and learn each of her 8 seasons and their ancient, powerful frequencies and wisdom
  • You want to initiate yourself into these frequencies undergoing deep transformation and soul growth
  • You want to dive deep and awaken your own ancient earth-soul wisdom
  • You want to discover and connect with new earth/animal guides/spirits
  • You want to become a sacred channel, communicator, connector and initiator of Her frequencies for others
  • You will enjoy learning to intuit with her elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
  • You want to learn how to create ceremony honouring and celebrating the ancient festivals
  • You want to honour and serve Mother Earth and Her creations being Her Priestess/Priest

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