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Rachel, Intuitive Healer, Priestess of The Goddess, Christess Healer, ATP® is a gifted and professional healer, psychic clairvoyant, medium, ceremonialist oracle, embodiment, hypnotherapist, published author and proud Mum of two boys. Rachel is delighted to have completed Spiral 2 by becoming a Priestess of The Goddess with the world renown Goddess Temple Teachings in Avalon, Glastonbury England. She continues deepening her studies and service to the Goddess in Avalon by becoming Her Priestess of Avalon.

Rachel has also trained with the internationally renowned Transformational Speaker, Gail Larson.

Rachel ia also a Certified Hypnotist having completed the Omni Hypnosis Training Centre’s Basic-Advanced training and examination and is a member of the National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification.

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In Pursuit of the Devine

Her anthology book In Pursuit of the Divine made an Amazon International best seller!

Rachel is dedicated to helping people heal themselves and reach their full potential as a joyful, loving, peaceful and powerful being. She also has the gift of channelling, oracling and embodiment. Christess Healing is whereby she offers healing at a mind, body, soul and emotional level directly from The Divine Feminine/Goddess, with the guidance of Mary Magdalene from time to time!

“My life purpose is to heal and reveal people's true self, life purpose and bright soul to them. With my hands I remove unwanted energy and put light in. I reconnect children, parents, families and individuals to their own great power, intuition and unique gifts given to each and every one of us and to Goddess/Source and their team of holy beings according to their own beliefs such as Archangels, angels, guides and departed loved ones. I am guided to help people heal themselves from trauma, injury, sickness, tragedy and unhealthy habits and occurrences from this lifetime and past lifetimes. I am honoured to help you, or someone you love, feel whole, complete and connected to Goddess/Source, Spirit, soul, intuition and ‘holy team' so you or those you love can shine brightly. When you are ready I gently and safely take you into your shadows to find the gift that is in each of our challenges. It's how we learn and grow so embrace those shadows, don't fear them. We can then shine even more brightly and be limitless."

Rachel also works with Goddesses, Archangels, Ascended Masters, angels, departed loved ones and many different guides including power animals, elementals and nature spirits. She works with your own team of holy beings.

“There is so much help around us, it amazes me. If we can open our hearts and minds, even to a fragment of these immense possibilities, then we can begin to heal ourselves, others and situations to the benefit of all of life, here on earth.”