Awaken to your bright shiny soul, spirit and intuition! Root your spirit into Mother Earth and connect to Her seasons, rhythms, wisdom, holding and healing so you can fully embody the radiant frequency of your infinite spirit whilst being grounded and held by Her.

Allow me to guide you to heal and reconnect to the exquisite essence of your soul and spirit. Through my Bright Shiny Soul Sessions and program, Intuitive Healing/Reading and teachings you will receive healing and guidance from your own soul, Source, Goddess, Mother Earth and your own team of holy beings such as Archangels, Ascended Masters, guardian angels, guides, ancestors and departed loved ones. It’s my joy to show you how to heal yourself or any area of your current life or past lives and reveal what has always been there: your bright shiny soul!

Keep grounded and shining your sacred sovereign radiance.

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With love and blessings,

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Spiritual Teacher,
Healer, Medium, Channel, Earth Angel and Priestess

Founder and Tutor of Priestess/Priest of Mother Earth, Bright Shiny Soul program and Rooted Spirit course

Priestess of Avalon and Goddess Luminary

Energies and guidance from Sacred Blossom and Bloom - the new season of Mother Earth

Welcome to the beauty of the sacred blossom and bloom of Mother Earth, here in the northern hemisphere. Allow Mother Earth to help you ground and root your spirit firmly into Her body so you can blossom and bloom like the flowers and trees this time of year. Connect with this new season and let the sacred blossom and bloom show you the beauty around and within you.

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Brand new Rooted Spirit Short Course!

In this mini-series you are invited to awaken and deepen your connection with Mother Earth, Her seasons, energies, healing and wisdom. Learn how to be One with Her, honour Her and celebrate Her and how our well-being is so interconnected and interdependent with Her well-being. She is key to our healing, sovereignty, full expression, vibration and our ability to truly love ourselves, our lives and in turn love others and our beautiful planet.