multidimensional deep soul healing

Multidimensional Healing is whereby you receive deep healing and integration for mind, body heart and soul through profound soul connection and wisdom across time and space. You receive healing, messages and guidance about any area of this life or relevant past lives from the Divine, Goddess, Archangels, your soul and your own team of guides, angels and departed loved ones.

You have Spirit within you; you are an expression of the Divine. You also have a team of ‘holy beings’ such as: Goddess, Archangels, Ascended Masters, angels, guides and departed loved ones around you according to your own beliefs to help heal and guide you. With me, you receive messages and multidimensional healing for your mind, body and soul about any area of your life or past lives. I use my gifts of clairvoyance, psychic mediumship, channelling and intuition to connect with your soul and team to give you messages and healing from them and Spirit. You are reminded of who you truly are and reconnected to your beautiful soul and Intuition. With my hands, unwanted energy is removed and healing energy given, revealing your bright light so you can shine brightly.

Source, Goddess, angels and guides are sometimes very specific and direct with their messages and sometimes they want to teach us that we already have all the answers inside of us so will guide us to access those answers. Through me, they pass along healing for your body, mind and spirit for issues created in this life and past lives. They direct my hands to go where they need to go. I remove energy that isn’t for your highest good and put energy in. I am very much present, in fact super aware as I follow my intuition and the guidance I am given.

It is always a bespoke session as I connect with your spirit and your team of The Divine, Goddess and holy beings according to your own beliefs, such as Archangels, angels, guides and departed loved ones. Sometimes we don't always understand the messages as we don't see the full picture, we only get to see a tiny part of it! That's where trust comes in. I invite you to trust in your self and your team of Goddess, Spirit, angels, guides and departed loved ones.

If you allow me to, I connect to your Soul, Source, Goddess, and your team of ‘holy beings’ such as angels, guides and departed loved ones. You receive messages. With my hands, unwanted energy is removed and healing energy given filling you up with light. This reveals your perfect soul and your bright light, which is within each and every one of us.

It is profound and yet feels so gentle and safe as your team go straight to the issues that need to be healed – even those left over from past lives, that still effect us today. Not only do they offer energy healing to relieve stress, pain and anxiety but also guidance as to how to change any aspect of our life. They sometimes show or tell us how it has manifested in a certain way and how you can heal yourself.

My desire is for you to feel complete, whole, connected and full of peace, joy and love and to sense, trust and follow your intuition. You are human and stuff happens so I also want to give you tools and techniques to use to get you connected again so you can shine brightly even through your challenges.