Do you want to change a pattern or a habit, or let go of something that no longer serves you? Do you want to meet some of your angels, guides or living or departed loved ones for healing or guidance? Do you want to visit past lives?

Everything starts in the mind. We create our reality through our thoughts, then words and action. When we can get in to the mind and bypass the loops and repetitive thoughts that keeps us locked in, we can replace those ego-driven thoughts with thoughts from our higher self, as long as they are acceptable to us and we believe them.

Allow me to guide you to bypass the conscious mind to deeper parts of your mind. I love to work deep guiding you to heal from emotional and physical trauma and experiences from your lives, present and past. Instead of me ‘seeing’ and sensing these experiences, your angels, guides and living/departed loved ones as in Intuitive Healing and Mediumship, you do. Trust your own mind to take you where you need to go.