bright shiny soul sessions

This is a next level, beautiful bespoke multidimensional session whereby you get to awaken to and experience the brightness, beauty and power of your soul, Spirt and the Divine within you. Through teaching, channelling, transmissions, multidimensional healing, mediumship and meditation you are guided to reconnect deeply to your soul, Spirit, Source and your own team of holy beings such as Archangels, Goddess, spirit guides, healing guides, animal guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors and departed loved ones.

Various multidimensional healing transmissions and techniques are offered for the mind, body, heart and soul aspects to help you integrate and align into the radiant presence of your soul, oneness and wholeness. Healing is also offered to transform limiting beliefs, thought patterns and trauma from this and, where appropriate, past lives.

You are shown how to root your Spirit and use Mother Earth’s seasonal energy according to the Wheel of Mother Earth to help you in your daily life. Ceremony is sometimes used to help you let go of all that is ready to from this life and past lives. You are guided to embody your exquisite frequency, soulfulness and, when you are ready, beyond separation into blissful Oneness revealing what has always been there: Your Bright Shiny Soul!