Rose Retreat


As we collectively return to the Way of Love, Mary Magdalene is making Herself known as a powerful guide for humanity.

Her inspiration is filled with beauty and the pure divine energy of the Heart, pouring in from the realms of light.

Beloved sister, we invite you to join us in Avalon for a transformational retreat day to receive Her healing, wisdom & deepen your devotion on the path of the Magdalene.

Join us on Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of Mary in Avalon

Receive Her messages of love for you at this time. Journey in sacred sisterhood into the unknown, into the great healing wellspring of the Magdalene.

Open your heart to receive the gifts of Mary Magdalene:

🌹 Return to Love and Wholeness beyond separation

🌹 Receive clarity and confidence through activating wisdom, power and truth from within

🌹 Deeply heal from limiting beliefs & patriarchal conditioning

🌹 Guidance on creating joyful relationships & sacred union

🌹 Rise of the Soul – An Introduction to Mary’s teaching on transformation of the 7 Powers of the Ego

Sacred Investment:

£333 (Earlybird until June 14th) £444 Full Price

Retreat limited to 8 women total

Your investment includes:

All healing ceremonies with Elsa & Rachel; Receiving of transmission and codes; Tea/coffee refreshments in the Goddess House; Entrance to all sacred sites throughout the day & rose offerings

Plus Sacred Bonuses 🌹

  • Rose anointing oil to take home with you
  • Downloadable Rose Recording Bundle including recordings of ‘Mary Magdalene Frequency’ & live sacred sound bath by Elsa
  • Downloadable Drum, Healing Meditation and Channelling – Return to Love and Wholeness with Mary Magdalene by Rachel

Itinerary of the Day

11 am – Gather & Greet

Meet in the Goddess House, Glastonbury for our opening sharing circle & connection to the energies of Mary Magdalene. Introduction to Mary’s teachings on The Rise of the Soul and transforming 7 powers of the ego.

12 pm – Sacred Sound Bath & Guided Magdalene Transmission

Receive a deep healing and activation as we call in the Magdalene frequencies with song, sound & guidance. Experience the rise of the soul through the shadow of the ego and the Return to Love and Wholeness. Time for journaling & self-reflection in the Temple space.

1.15-2.15 pm Lunch Break

2.15 pm – Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites of Mary Magdalene

Taking in the well of the red spring, and activating the codes of the sacred union at the white spring. We will journey on to the beautiful Margaret Chapel, a small chapel holding the Magdalene frequency. A short time for reflection to integrate codes, healing and wisdom in this sacred space.

3.30 – 4.30 pm Womb Blessing & Gratitude

Finishing our day at the Abbey, we will pilgrimage with prayers to the Lady Chapel. We will complete our journey in the sacred heart of Avalon with a womb blessing and offering to the Magdalene.

*This is a one-of-a-kind transformational day filled with many powerful activations and experiences that will accelerate your healing and self-empowerment journey. This day is only for those who are committed to a pathway of self-healing and self-responsibility for their own journey and energy. It’s our joy to guide you into the possibility of deeper awakening and awareness of the powerful, authentic energies within you.*

As Priestesses devoted to the awakening of the divine feminine on the planet, we have both individually felt the call to work with the energies of Mary Magdalene at this time of great change and planetary evolution.

Elsa Field

Elsa Field is a fearless Soul Singer, Goddess Visionary, and Sacred & Devotional musician. Her entire life is a web of devotion to Goddess, to the divine feminine presence in all beings and throughout creation. She is passionate about guiding women to come home to the Divine Channels that they naturally are.

She serves as a Temple Priestess and is one of the directors of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to bringing Goddess alive in Her world today. She has been developing the sacred practices of the devotional singer for the past ten years, and in the past four years within the healing lineage of the Priestesses of Avalon.

Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris is an Spiritual Teacher, Priestess, Medium, Channel, Healer, Founder and tutor of the brand new Priestess/Priest of Mother Earth and Rooted Spirit Trainings. She regularly channels Mary Magdalene’s Sacred Feminine healing energy and wisdom helping people return to Love and Wholeness/Oneness.

She has completed her training with the world renowned Goddess Temple Teachings. In 2017 she dedicated as a Priestess of Avalon in service to The Lady of Avalon, Goddess of the sacred ancient Isle of Avalon. In 2020 She dedicated as a Goddess Luminary, guiding others to shine their Full Sacred Feminine Radiance whilst being grounded and rooted. Rachel has served as a Priestess, healer and channel at the Goddess House (Glastonbury Goddess Temple) since 2016 including a Directorship.

Have Questions?

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